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New York CLE CD Program 24 Credit


New York CLE Compliance Has Never Been Easier.  


This program contains 24 one hour audio courses and optional course texts.

The following is each New York CLE course contained in the program. 



New York CLE Course Descriptions. 


♦  Art of Management

♦  Conflicts of Interest: Recent Ethics Opinions (Ethics/Professionalism)

♦  Criminal (& Civil) Copyright Infringement

♦  Criminal (& Civil) Trademark Infringement

♦  Debtor Strategies for the Housing Crisis

♦  Disability and Gender Bias (Ethics/Professionalism)

♦  Ethics of Negotiation & Settlement (Ethics/Professionalism

♦  Electronic Suveillance in Communications

♦  Improving Client Relations & Selection (Ethics/Professionalism)

♦  Intellectual Property Licensing/Anti-Trust Issues

♦  Racial Bias (Jury Selection/Legal Profession) (Ethics/Professionalism

♦  Sarbanes-Oxley (.5 Ethics/Professionalism)

♦  Trade Secret Theft & Misappropriation

♦  Time Management

♦  Successful Settlements

♦  Substance Abuse Detection & Prevention (Ethics/Professionalism)



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