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All-In-One MCLE Solutions

The Next Generation MCLE

Preloaded SanDisk® Sansa® Clip  Jam 8 GB MP3 Player, by far the best way to fulfill your MCLE Course requirement!


Three simple reasons:


1. Portability. Weighing less than an ounce and measuring not much more than a matchbook, this MP3 Player makes listening to your CLE courses anywhere a reality. The Sansa Clip  raises the bar for ease of use and simplicity of CLE Compliance. Simply turn it on and you're good to go! Safe for the shower, listen to it anywhere. Plus, whenever you turn it back on it will pick up where you left off!

2. Multiple Uses. Small size- with big features and big sound!

•Holds up to 4,000 songs on 8GB - expandable to 64 GB!

•Listen to music, audiobooks, podcasts or digital FM radio!

•Download your content right onto the Sansa Clip+ player or play preloaded cards

•Plays music in MP3, WMA, secure WMA, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC plus audio books and podcasts

•Memory card slot for capacity expansion or preloaded cards

•Digital FM Tuner

•18+ hour rechargeable battery

•Voice recording with built-in microphone

3. A Great Product. With its bright screen, easy navigation, built-in clip for easy carrying, booming sound, large storage capacity & 18+ hours on a rechargeable battery, the SanDisk Sansa Clip is, quite simply, one of the best values for earning your MCLE course credit. With LawDepot®, Inc., MCLE Compliance Has Never Been Easier. And listening on this product, it has never been as easy or, dare we say it, fun.


**Simply delete your LawDepot®, Inc. course folder when you're done listening!