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California MCLE Online Program 25 Credit

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This program contains 13 Audio Courses (MP3 format) totalling 25 MCLE Credit Hours and optional written course texts.

The following is a list of each California MCLE course contained in the program:

California MCLE Course Descriptions

♦ Attorneys On Social Media (Ethics)

♦ Getting Out & Getting Paid (Ethics)

♦ Conflicts of Interest: Selected Issues (Ethics)

♦ Bias in Law Enforcement & Prosecution (Bias)

♦ Substance Abuse (Competency)

♦ Bankruptcy Overview

♦ Bankruptcy Chapters 7 & 13: A Comprehensive Guide

♦ Biologics: The Law & Intellectual Property Issues

♦ Social Security, SSDA & VDC

♦ Music Licensing

♦ ADA Title III: A Comprehensive Guide

♦ Human Trafficking: Detection, Prevention & Prosecution

♦ Antitrust Litigation: From TRO through Discovery



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