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California MCLE Preloaded Sansa Clip 13 Credit

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California MCLE Compliance Has Never Been Easier.


This program contains a SanDisk Sansa Clip Jam 8 GB MP3 Player, pre-loaded with 10 audio courses (MP3) format totaling 13 CA MCLE Credits.


Why is the preloaded Sansa Clip  by far the best way to fulfill your California MCLE requirement?


The following is each subject contained in the program:


California MCLE Course Descriptions.  


♦ Attorney Fees, Agreements & Billing Practices (Ethics

♦ Art of Management

♦ Conflicts of Interest: Recent Ethics Opinions (Ethics)

♦ Debtor Strategies for the Housing Crisis

♦ Ethics of Negotiation & Settlement (Ethics)

♦ Intellectual Property Licensing Anti-Trust Issues

♦ Racial Bias (Jury Selection/Legal Profession) (Bias)

♦ Sarbanes Oxley: Corporate Responsibility (1.5 hours/.5 Ethics)

♦ Time Management (SA)

♦ Uniform Fraudulent Transfer Act




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