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New York CLE Preloaded Sansa Clip+


New York CLE Compliance Has Never Been Easier.


Now you can satisfy your New York CLE requirement absolutely anywhere with a preloaded MP3 player!


This program contains a SanDisk Sansa Clip+ 4 GB MP3 Player, pre-loaded with 24 one-hour audio courses.


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The following is each New York CLE course contained in the program.  


New York CLE Course Descriptions.    


♦  Art of Management

♦  Conflicts of Interest: Recent Ethics Opinions (Ethics/Professionalism)

♦  Criminal (& Civil) Copyright Infringement

♦  Criminal (& Civil) Trademark Infringement

♦  Debtor Strategies for the Housing Crisis

♦  Disability and Gender Bias (Ethics/Professionalism)

♦  Ethics of Negotiation & Settlement (Ethics/Professionalism

♦  Electronic Suveillance in Communications

♦  Improving Client Relations & Selection (Ethics/Professionalism)

♦  Intellectual Property Licensing/Anti-Trust Issues

♦  Racial Bias (Jury Selection/Legal Profession) (Ethics/Professionalism

♦  Sarbanes-Oxley (.5 Ethics/Professionalism)

♦  Trade Secret Theft & Misappropriation

♦  Time Management

♦  Successful Settlements

♦  Substance Abuse Detection & Prevention (Ethics/Professionalism)



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