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New York CLE Commonly Asked Questions

New York CLE Course Approval: LawDepot's courses are approved for New York CLE credit under New York's Approved Jurisdiction policy. All courses exceed one hour in length, are accompanied by substantive written materials, contain an embedded verification code, and are accredited by the California State Bar as well as other approved jurisdictions.  After completion of course all attorneys receive a Certificate of Attendance in the form required by the policy.    Note:  Approved Jurisdiction Providers are not listed on the NY CLE Board's website.

Click here for New York's Approved Jurisdiction Policy. 

Click here to verify our status as an Accredited CA CLE Provider. 


New York CLE Requirement:  24 (Total)  4 (Ethics and Professionalism) every two years. 1 Bias commencing 1/2018.

New York CLE Reporting Cycle:  The attorney's birthday in the year his/her cycle ends

New York CLE Reporting Method:  Certify compliance on your biennial registration statement. 

Contact Info: NYS CLE Board, (212) 428-2105/cle@courts.state.ny.us / www.nycourts.gov



Immediately after purchase  you will receive an email: "New York CLE Online Purchase Instructions".  This email contains a web link to your courses and instructions for listening online or for downloading to your computer. Simply click on the web link to access your courses, optional written texts and Attorney Affirmation. 

How do I obtain my New York CLE Certificate of Attendance?

Simply email your Attorney Affirmation to us. We will email your Certificate to you.

Certificates are processed the same day we receive your attorney affirmation. Attorney affirmations received on a weekend, holiday, or after 5:00 pm are processed the next business morning.

• Multi-State Certificates: You can also use your New York CLE to satisfy 12 New Jersey CLE credits, 24 California MCLE credits and 12 Nevada CLE credits at no extra charge! Simply list all of your applicable State Bar Registration Numbers on your Attorney Affirmation.


Why should I choose LawDepot, Inc.?


Same day Certificates. 

• If you have any questions simply call us and a live customer service representative will help you immediately. No need to fill out a support ticket or send an email.

• You do not have to take any tests, pass any tests, sit at a computer or go to a live seminar to earn your CLE credit.

• You do not lose time or billable hours watching videos, reading copious amounts of text or--once again--passing any tests.

• With LawDepot's NY CLE audio courses, you can fully satisfy your New York CLE Credits simply by listening in your home, your office, your car, on your iPod, smart phone, mp-3 player, On-The-Go, anytime and anywhere.

• You can choose between online/downloadable, preloaded MP-3 players,  CDs, or DVDs.

• Our online and DVD courses are in MP-3 format giving you the flexibility to listen online, download to your computer, burn to a CD or DVD, upload to an iPod, iPhone, any smart phone or MP-3 Player and listen On-The-Go.

• You can return your Attorney Affirmation to us at any time to obtain your credits, even after your compliance period has ended.

• When you purchase one of our programs it is yours to keep and refer to as many times as you need.