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All-In-One MCLE Solutions

California MCLE CD Program 25 Credit

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California MCLE Compliance Has Never Been Easier


This program contains 20 audio courses totalling 25 MCLE Credit Hours and optional written course texts.


The following is a list of each course California MCLE course contained in the program:

  California MCLE Course Descriptions.

♦ Age Discrimination in Employment Act

♦ Anti-SLAPP

♦ Conflicts of Interest (Ethics)

♦ Database Compilation Copyright Protection Act

♦ Anti-Trust Concerns W/ Intellectual Property Licensing

♦ Nursing Home Guide

♦ Elimination of Gender Bias (Bias)

♦ Marvin v. Marvin & It's Progeny

♦ Digital Millennium Copyright Act

♦ Computer Fraud Abuse Act

♦ The Second Amendment Right To Bear Arms

♦ Organizing Nonprofits

♦ Substance Abuse Detection & Prevention (CI)

♦ Legal Malpractice (Ethics)

♦ Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (Ethics)

♦ The Wiretap Act

♦ Elder Law & Elder Issues

♦ Provisional Remedies

♦ Communicating With Clients (Ethics)

♦ Trademark Law Basics








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