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California MCLE Self Study Course Descriptions

All courses are 1 CA CLE Credit Hour unless otherwise indicated.

Attorney Fees, Agreements & Billing Practices (Ethics)

There is perhaps no more fertile area of disputes between attorney and client which can be seen in the form of ethical complaints to the state bar, legal malpractice claims, or other ligation than disputes over money. This course reviews rules of professional conduct, statutes, state bar ethics opinions, cases and principles underlying the rules pertaining to attorney fees, fee agreements and billing practices. Discussion includes how to comply with these rules, and how to take steps to avoid money disputes with clients before they arise.

Conflicts of Interest: Recent Ethics Opinions (1.5 CA CLE Credit Hours in Ethics)

A review of many different jurisdictions' recent State Bar Ethic Committees' opinions in the area of conflicts of interest.

Debtor Strategies for the Housing Crisis (2 CA CLE Credit Hours)

Discussion of various topics to assist your counseling of your debtor homeowner client including available options, alternatives to foreclosure, and foreclosure

Ethics of Negotiation & Settlement (1.5 CA CLE Credit Hours in Ethics)

Lecture covers a lawyer's professional and ethical obligations during negotiation and settlement.

Intellectual Property Licensing Anti-Trust Issues (1.5 CA CLE Credit Hours)

This course examines antitrust issues for the licensing of Intellectual Property. The lecture includes issues raised by exclusivity provisions in IP licensing and discussion of relevant cases that address licensing and other competitive issues.

Art of Management (1.5 CA CLE Credit Hours)

How to increase efficiency and productivity through management skills and techniques, including motivation and leadership.

Racial Bias (Jury Selection/Legal Profession)

Lecture concerning racial bias in the legal profession, workplace and courtroom. Discussion of racial bias in court, by attorneys, prosecutors, and in jury selection. Discussion of all seminal U.S. Supreme Court decisions in which racial bias was successfully raised as an issue on appeal.

 Uniform Fraudulent Transfer Act (1.25 CA CLE Credit Hours)

In these troubling economic times, familiarity with the Uniform Fraudulent Transfer Act has become necessary. Whether you are representing a client interested in asset protection, or a divorcing couple desiring to maximize their marital assets, or a victim of a Ponzi scheme who finds himself involuntarily involved in a Bankruptcy proceeding, it is imperative that you have an awareness of the Act. This course provides an in-depth analysis of the Act, its definitions, requirements, exemptions, defenses and interrelation with other Acts and laws; includes discussion of various cases decided under the Act.

Time Management (Substance Abuse)

An overview of the detection and prevention of substance abuse with a focus on time management skills to aid in the reduction of some leading causes of substance abuse.